Carmelo Anthony Trade Talks With Houston Are ‘Dormant’ And He Will Likely Be At Knicks Camp

08.24.17 7 months ago

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With the Celtics and Cavs completing a blockbuster deal to send Kyrie Irving to Boston, most every big star that has been rumored to be traded this offseason has been, with one notable exception. Paul George, Jimmy Butler, Chris Paul, and Kyrie Irving all have been traded this summer and yet, the one man that has reportedly been on the block for a full year, Carmelo Anthony, remains a Knick.

There are obvious differences in Anthony’s situation than the others, namely his no-trade clause and ability to steer a trade to any team he so chooses. Anthony has made it clear that the Rockets are the team he wants toc be dealt to, so he can play with Paul and James Harden, but there are serious hurdles to making it happen. The biggest is matching salary to make a legal trade without crippling the Knicks’ cap space even more than it already has been.

So, the two sides need a third and possibly a fourth team to make a trade work, and to this point they haven’t found those teams. According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, the discussions between the two sides have become “fairly dormant” and there’s a good chance Anthony ends up reporting to Knicks camp.

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