La La Explained Why Carmelo Anthony Leaving New York Still Isn’t Likely

06.27.17 10 months ago

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For the Knicks, most of the last year has been dealing with rumors about the futures of their two star players: Carmelo Anthony and Kristaps Porzingis. The latter was recently thrown around in trade discussions leading up to the NBA Draft, but ultimately nothing happened on the Porzingis trade front. That saga, at least for now, appears to be over.

However, the Cold War between Phil Jackson and Carmelo Anthony, long the face of the Knicks franchise, continues on. During his recent MSG Network interview in which he admitted to considering Porzingis trade options, he also continued his year-long efforts to push Anthony out of New York, as well, noting again that Anthony might be better off somewhere else.

Anthony has a no-trade clause that makes it impossible for the Knicks to move him without his permission, and to this point he’s been unwilling to waive that, even though Jackson has attacked him repeatedly in the media in an effort to push him out. There has been speculation recently that rather than a trade, the Knicks might just try to convince Anthony to take a buyout and hit the free agent market so he can choose where to sign — with the Cavaliers and his buddy LeBron as the reported top destination.

However, there remains one big snag in all the plans to move Anthony out of New York. Anthony’s wife, La La, and his son, Kiyan, are in New York and, despite rumored issues between Melo and La La, they remain together and she has no plans on leaving the city. La La went on the Wendy Williams Show on Tuesday morning and explained why, despite all the rumors, Carmelo still isn’t likely to look for a buyout or trade out of New York any time soon (transcription via Pro Basketball Talk).

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