Carmelo Anthony Says Bulls Fan’s “Melo To Chicago” Was “A Good Sign”

During New York’s 19-point blowout in Chicago on Sunday, a sign in the stands read, “‘Melo to Chicago.” When Carmelo Anthony was asked about the sign after the game, he didn’t deflect the question or claim he didn’t see it. Instead, he complimented the sign, unleashing another albatross in New York’s plans to re-sign the NBA’s second leading scorer to an extension this season despite New York’s deplorable play.

Here’s what ‘Melo said about the sign after the game:

“It was a good sign,” Melo said with a laugh. “It was a good sign. I don’t know what you want me to say about that.”

The comments about the sign came after Anthony had called the 2013-14 Knicks season, “Embarrassing” and “frustrating,” which is the same sentiment many Knicks fans have expressed for most of the year. But while the comments are largely harmless, you know its sent waves of panic down the backs of some Knicks fans worried he’ll skedaddle this summer.

The Knicks are capped out, and if they sign Anthony to his max extension this summer, they won’t be able to make the significant personnel changes required to become a real contender in the East (which only takes a winning record at this point). Under the 2011 CBA, there just isn’t enough money to make it happen even with James Dolan‘s inherited billions lining New York’s coffers.

Enter, Chicago.

The Bulls are on the cusp of being legitimate title contenders, but back-to-back season-ending injuries to Derrick Rose means Chicago is still missing a primary scorer they can rely on each season. CSN Chicago’s David Kaplan thinks ‘Melo would be a perfect fit for the Bulls this summer, especially if he takes a paycut, which he’ll have to do if he leaves New York.




So Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau would relish a chance to coach a score-first entity like ‘Melo, especially after going two consecutive seasons with Joakim Noah as Chicago’s primary offensive facilitator — like he was during Chicago’s annihilation of New York on Sunday.

But the question remains whether ‘Melo will leave an extra year and $33 million on the table by failing to re-sign with the Knicks this summer. We’ve been discussing this since last summer and now into the fall and winter as the season ticks closer to the playoffs. Since we doubt even ‘Melo knows what he’ll do in July, you’ll keep hearing about it every time ‘Melo mentions an innocuous sign about his free agency after the game.

Does ‘Melo seriously consider Chicago this summer in free agency?

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