Carmelo Anthony Doesn’t Look Very Happy To Be Included In Kyrie Irving’s Snapchat

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Kyrie Irving trolling Carmelo Anthony 😂😂 (via Reddit)

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Carmelo Anthony is the elder statesman of the United States’ men’s basketball team at this year’s Olympics. This is his fourth Olympics, and he has a chance to win his third gold and become the U.S.’s top overall scorer. However, his role as an elder statesman has another responsibility attached to it: annoyance with his younger teammates’ ubiquitous social media usage.

In the scene above, Kyrie Irving was snapchatting his little heart out in Rio, having a good time with his buddy Harrison Barnes. Apparently, Irving and Barnes are good friends, even though Barnes went to North Carolina and Irving went to Duke. It’s an example of camaraderie on the U.S. team extending beyond traditional rivalries. Alas, the good spirits did not extend to Melo.

The first time Irving shows Carmelo in a snapchat, Anthony is smiling, and also wearing an Olympics hat, and he seems to be in an okay mood. However, when Irving tries to involve Melo later, Anthony doesn’t have anything to say, and he won’t even look in Irving’s direction. Irving goes to the Carmelo well one more time, saying that Anthony told him in between snaps to “stop portraying him like this,” but Anthony seems even less jovial this time around. Irving is having a great time, though.

Melo may be playing it up a bit, performing the role of the old grump. That being said, it also wouldn’t be surprising if Anthony was the kind of guy who would prefer not to be in your snaps, even if you’re Kyrie Irving. Just let him win that third gold in peace.

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