Carmelo Anthony, New York Break A Box Score; Tony Parker, The Spurs Get Revenge

04.18.12 7 years ago
The “best pure scorer” label always came with a crutch. Yes, you can score, but what else can you do? Carmelo Anthony has been answering a lot of questions lately, and last night he might’ve given the world his best all-around game as a Knick. 35 points, 12 rebounds, 10 assists, he was the ring leader on a night where the Knicks could’ve opened up their own sperm bank because they were shooting so well. New York got the win they needed, 118-110 over the Celtics, but it was the box score that had everyone talking. The Knicks messed with the video game sliders in the first half. They MUST have. How else could you explain them making seven triples before the second quarter was even finished, or starting off by making 12 of their first 18 from deep? J.R. Smith (25 points) hadn’t shot this well (making his first five three-pointers) since he was playing 5-9 Asian dudes, and Steve Novak (25 points) was even more cyborg than usual. Instead of hitting triples, he started making four-point plays, falling out of bounds into his coach’s lap while the nets splashed. But perhaps it was something in the air (or someone really did mess with the settings) because Avery Bradley hit his first three triples of the game as well (Maybe we shouldn’t say that. The dude is actually 15-for-22 from deep this month). In fact, the two teams combined to make 21 of their first 31 shots from beyond the arc, and the only cat who wasn’t scoring was the dude who proposed during halftime on the JumboTron and got shot down … Behind Paul Pierce (31 of his 43 points in the second half after getting abused by ‘Melo in the first 24 minutes), Boston came roaring back in the second half. But the Cyborg closed it out with back-to-back triples to push the lead back to double-digits … The Knicks 14 first half triples tied an NBA record … If you know anything about Gregg Popovich and the Spurs, you should’ve seen a big Spurs win coming. The Lakers mutilated San Antonio just last week in San Antonio, and last night the best team in the West returned the favor by winning 112-91. The Spurs were methodically spectacular in the first half. Their rhythm, flow and shooting was like one long dance and the Lakers constantly found themselves tripping up. Late in the second, a 18-0 run, where there were contributions from nearly everyone, put the kids to bed. Tony Parker (29 points, 13 assists) was out there undressing Steve Blake on the fast break, and San Antonio probably set a record for longest time gone in a game without a called offensive set. After halftime, the Spurs extended the lead and it was a wrap from there … And John Wall finally came out and admitted what everyone realized from opening night: the dude played in too many summer league games. Wall said yesterday that he got caught up in the summer circuit because so many guys were doing it and because he was so good at it, and forgot to work on the things that mattered, like a jump shot and not turning the ball over every other possession. Self-reflection is a great thing, especially for a young guy who’s a part of a generation that never self-critiques itself. Maybe Wall’s true breakout will come a year later … Keep reading to hear about how Rudy Gay got the head off the snake …

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