Carmelo Anthony Is Dominating Pickup Games In Full Sweats And Hitting Sky Hooks

08.10.17 8 months ago


Carmelo Anthony is still waiting for the Knicks to trade him to the Rockets. The veteran forward has made it clear Houston is the only team he’d for sure waive his no-trade clause to be dealt to and he doesn’t want to continue playing in New York, despite reports that the Knicks’ new management had interest in trying to mend fences.

There’s nothing Anthony can do about his status in trade limbo, as New York and Houston have been at a stalemate for some time now in trade discussions. That said, he can make sure he’s getting ready for next season, whether that begins with the Knicks or, as he hopes, with his buddy Chris Paul and the Rockets.

Anthony, like most every NBA player, takes part in pickup games as part of his offseason workout regimen in order to stay in game shape and keep the skills sharp for the season. However, unlike most NBA players, Anthony likes to do this while wearing the most clothes possible.

A recent video of Anthony in a run at Life Time Athletic at Sky playing alongside C.J. McCollum of the Blazers — yes, you can go ahead and fire up your Anthony to the Blazers rumors again — shows Anthony playing in full sweats, with his sweatpants tucked into his socks and a hoodie with the hood up the entire time. It’s an incredible “old man at the Y” aesthetic and Anthony is absolutely dominating his opponents while dressed like he’s making a run to the bodega in October for some Cheetos.

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