Carmelo Anthony Claims Rajon Rondo Spit On Chris Paul, Called It ‘Bullsh*t’

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The NBA world is abuzz over the fight that broke out between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Houston Rockets at Staples Center on Saturday night. Brandon Ingram shoved James Harden, which led to some jawing that didn’t seem especially nefarious. However, Chris Paul and Rajon Rondo got into it, with those two and Ingram throwing punches.

No one could really believe it happened, and it sounds like punishments could be handed down sooner rather than later. All of this begs the question: What the hell happened to have the long-existing tensions between Paul and Rondo boil over like this?

According to a few members of the Rockets, things got turned up to an 11 when Rondo apparently spit in Paul’s face, leading to Paul sticking his finger in Rondo’s grill before punches were thrown. Rockets coach Mike D’Antoni made this claim when he met with the media.

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