The East All-Stars Are Trading An Injured Kevin Love For Carmelo Anthony

02.15.17 1 year ago

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The Carmelo Anthony for Kevin Love trade is happening after all.

Anthony will replace Love on the East All-Star team at the NBA All-Star Game in New Orleans this weekend. The NBA announced the move on Wednesday night, naming a replacement for the injured Love, who is expected to miss six weeks after surgery on his left knee.

The swap seems somewhat fitting because Anthony—who sort of became trade bait as the Knicks imploded—was a rumored acquisition at the cost of one Kevin Love. A much talked about swap to the Cleveland Cavaliers drew a flurry of trade rumors over the last month. One report said LeBron James was willing to get Anthony at all costs, even if that meant losing Love.

James, for his part, called the rumors “trash” along with the guy who reported them in the first place. The deal really didn’t make much sense for the Cavaliers, but the rumors became yet another item of concern for the Knicks. Then the whole Charles Oakley Incident happened, and we sort of forgot about it all, but now that that’s apparently resolved we can go back to worrying about what New York’s other bad basketball team is doing with ‘Melo.

He’ll enjoy a nice weekend in New Orleans before his next regular season destination is worked out, though.

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