A Report Suggests Carmelo Anthony Might Accept A Trade To Portland If Houston Falls Through

09.21.17 6 months ago

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Carmelo Anthony might be expanding his trade horizons as the new NBA season approaches. The Knicks star is still in New York for the time being, though that could change before he’s scheduled to return to the team as training camp opens in a few short days.

Anthony’s people are “cautiously optimistic” that he gets a ticket out of MSG soon, though there doesn’t appear to be any public movement on a trade proposal that would send Melo to his desired destination: the Houston Rockets.

With the days before he’s once more smothered by blue and orange rapidly approaching, one Fox Sports personality says that Carmelo might be opening up to alternative trade destinations. Pointing out that the Knicks may not want to send Melo to Houston, Jason McIntyre suggested Portland as an alternative.

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