LeBron James Is Already Showing The Celtics He Has Absolutely No Respect For Them

05.17.17 11 months ago 19 Comments

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Right from the opening quarter of Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals, LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers sent a strong message to the Boston Celtics that they are not messing around. In fact, the way James is treating the Celtics, we may need to start calling them the Rodney Dangerfields because the Cavs superstar is giving them no respect.

Seemingly toying with the Celtics, James scored 15 of Cleveland’s 30 points in the first quarter. That’s right: James scored half of the Cavs’ points in the opening period.

James scored at will against the Celtics, driving right at defenders like Kelly Olynyk and finishing at the rim. And adding insult to injury, James scored in such a manner that was just truly disrespectful to the Celtics as he simply didn’t care who was guarding him. He would just frequently size up the opposition, dribble for bit and then take a running start before scoring with relative ease.

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