Let’s Celebrate The Grizzled Veterans Who Got Their First Ring With The Raptors

06.14.19 1 month ago

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Basketball coaches love to talk about how it takes every guy on the roster to help the team win. It’s a cliché, of course, designed to keep everyone engaged and morale adequately boosted. But there’s something to be said for that, especially for the guys who never see the court. It’s the camaraderie, the vocal support from the sidelines, the way they push the other guys in practice, and their readiness to step up when the moment calls for it that earns them their share of the heartache or triumph.

It’s why, at the end of a grueling season, if your team is fortunate enough to hoist the Larry O’Brien trophy, everybody deserves to celebrate. When the Toronto Raptors toppled the Warriors in Game 6 at Oracle Arena to win the first championship in franchise history, they did it with a team filled with veterans who, though most of them had never made it this far, had fought and scratched their entire careers to finally get a chance at basketball immortality.

That’s why, instead of focusing on how he didn’t see the floor all that much once Nick Nurse tightened his rotation, we should all be happy for a guy like Jeremy Lin, whose career came full circle on Thursday night as he became an NBA champion against the team that gave up on him at the outset of his career.

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