The Celtics Are One Of Many Teams Looking To Land Tyreke Evans From Memphis

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One of the only redeeming qualities of the Memphis Grizzlies in their current tragic state of affairs has been watching Tyreke Evans play every possession like it was Game 7 of the NBA Finals. See, amid this season’s catastrophe, Evans is set to hit free agency next summer, and his stellar play of late has him poised for what should be a sizable payday.

Armed with that knowledge, the floundering Grizzlies suddenly realized they should probably try and get something in return before he leaves them empty-handed. To that end, they’ve decided to bench the veteran guard while they explore trade scenarios ahead of the February deadline.

The Sixers were already rumored to have interest, although they allegedly balked at the notion of sacrificing a first-round pick in the exchange. Several other teams have quickly entered the fray since that development, with the Boston Celtics chief among the potential suitors.

Evans was inactive against the Pacers on Tuesday night and will remain so until next Thursday’s deadline or a trade is done, whichever comes first. His offensive prowess makes him a prime candidate among many contending teams searching for some scoring punch off the bench.

With the Cavs falling apart at the seams, the Celtics are looking to stockpile ammunition in anticipation of a possible postseason showdown that could seal their primacy in the East. However, the Cavs – along with the Thunder, Rockets, and Heat – are also reportedly clamoring to secure his services.

But the problem for every other front office is that they’re competing with one of the wiliest executives in league in Danny Ainge, who still have plenty of tricks up his sleeve and lots of draft picks at his disposal.