Rumor: A New Basketball League Could Be Sued For Selling Off Team Ownership

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This summer has been dramatically different from other offseasons in the past. We’ve had tons of buzz around the Hoodie Melo sessions which included the likes of LeBron James, James Harden, Russell Westbrook and other notable names. Ice Cube’s new BIG3 league and a plethora of NBA trades like Kyrie Irving to Boston, Jimmy Butler to Minnesota and most recently, Carmelo Anthony to the Thunder. However, there was one another venture that seems to have stopped before it started.

The Champions League, a new league advertising former NBA stars and executives, is rumored to have a class-action lawsuit served against them. The league, which announced it would be selling team ownership to fans for small nominal fees, doesn’t seem to actually be playing games yet and the people who did buy into the league are rumored to be banding together.

According to a source close to the situation, Mark Geragos, a big-time criminal defense lawyer who specializes in class-action lawsuits, is close to forming the class-action suit against the Champions League based on the misinformation. According to the Champions League site, it has over 286 investors and over $126,000.00 dollars invested.

This all comes after the recent news that the Champions League sued the BIG3 for taking its ideas, which is highly unlikely considering the rumored lack of proof they have.