DeAndre Jordan And Chandler Parsons Make Peace And End Our Long National Emoji Nightmare


The war is finally over.

Chandler Parsons and DeAndre Jordan have apparently moved past the great switcheroo of 2015 that saw Jordan renege on his verbal agreement with the Mavs during the moratorium period to re-sign with the Clippers once the moratorium concluded.

NBA Twitter saw an explosion of emojis during the entire episode, set off by Parsons’ airplane emoji and reaching a pinnacle — or nadir, depending on how you look at it — when Paul Pierce tweeted out a picture of a rocket. The emoji exchange even extended into the regular season as Mavs fans refused to forgive Jordan for backing out of the deal.

But don’t count Mavs forward Chandler Parsons among the disgruntled, as he put out a picture with Jordan hashtagged #nohardfeelings to show the hatchet has been buried. With both teams out of the playoffs now, it’s time for players on the Clips and Mavs to relax and enjoy the offseason.

In fact, if you read the comments on Parsons’ instagram, it’s the fans who won’t let this whole episode go to bed. Lots of Dallas fans are still sore over the chance to land one of the hottest free agents of the 2015 summer.

Many are no doubt wondering how this season might have gone with him on the Mavs, and they aren’t too happy with Chandler’s forgiveness.

But if they really wanted to express their anger properly, they should’ve done it in emojis.? ?