Chandler Parsons Says Dallas Is “Nicer, Cleaner” Than Houston

The three-year, $46 million offer sheet that Chandler Parsons signed with the Dallas Mavericks might have been the means of his departure from the nearby Houston Rockets. But according to Dirk Nowitzki’s latest running mate, the cleanliness of his new team’s town is another boon compared to his old one’s. In an interview at media day last week, Parsons said that Dallas is a “nicer, cleaner” city than Houston.

The incendiary quotes come at the :45 mark of the video below.

It bears mentioning that Parsons is having casual conversation here. He’s asked directly what the biggest difference between Dallas and Houston is, and simply answers honestly and candidly. Frankly, we wish more players responded to potentially leading questions with such candor.

None of that is likely to hearten Rockets fans, though. Parsons has had only good things to say about the Houston organization since he left for Dallas in July – he even recently admitted that he expected the Rockets to match the Mavs’ offer sheet and retain him. Clearly, Parsons didn’t find Houston disagreeable enough to refuse playing there for longer.

Still, these remarks only add fuel to the growing rivalry fire between Dallas and Houston. Mark Cuban and Daryl Morey recently exchanged pointed jabs through the media, and Patrick Beverley asked Parsons via Twitter if the latter was scared to face his former team.

The teams’ preseason meeting, though, came and went without fireworks. Dwight Howard even lovingly embraced Parsons pre-game despite a summer that suggested tension between the two:

Parsons didn’t mean to stoke the fire – we’re sure of that. But he did nonetheless, and will surely feel just how “dirty” Rockets fans can be when the Mavs visit Houston on November 22. We can’t wait.

(Video via Mustard Slinger Sports)

Is Parsons right about Houston?

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