Charles Barkley Finally Apologized To The Women Of San Antonio Because Of A Delicious Dessert

05.02.17 2 years ago

Charles Barkley somehow mastered the art of the non-apology over dessert. Barkley famously—or perhaps infamously—hasn’t been very kind to the women of San Antonio over the years.

Barkley’s taunting of San Antonio women is possibly the longest-running fat shaming from a fat guy incident in American history. Back in 2014, Barkley said “there are some big ‘ol women down there” in reference to the Texas town the Spurs call home. That led to a lot of outrage and a poorly-written response segment that TNT aired later, but little was resolved.

On Monday night, however, Barkley finally “apologized” to those he offended years ago.

“I want to apologize to the women of San Antonio,” Barkley said. Ernie Johnson cut him off, asking what prompted the sudden apology for something that’s been going on “for a good 12 years.”

“Ernie, I had churros last night,” Barkley said with a smile. “I see what all the excitement is about. I had churros last night. Woooo. They’re damn good, Ernie. Them churros are good.”

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