Charles Barkley Once Again Claims The Jumpshooting Warriors Can’t Win It All

10.18.16 2 years ago 2 Comments


The Golden State Warriors, who won an NBA title in 2015, came within a possession of winning another in 2016 on the strength of their jump-shooting, and added Kevin Durant in the offseason, can’t win the 2017 NBA title as a jump-shooting team, says TNT analyst Charles Barkley.

I wish I hated anything as much as Barkley hates the Warriors (and yes, he hates the Warriors more than I hate the New England Patriots). He raised the jump-shooting argument in April 2016, made a bet with Stephen Colbert in March 2016 that the Warriors would lose, and shook his fist at a cloud and said the Warriors would have gotten “mauled” 25 years ago. And even after Draymond Green owned Barkley pretty good, he is still talking this junk.

Look, I won’t present myself as any sort of an NBA expert. I can’t lie to you. Heck, you’ve probably figured it out already. But saying you don’t think the Warriors can win a championship is just idiotic, right? Sure, they could lose four out of seven like any team can, but to say they can’t win because they are primarily a jump-shooting team is just goofy. They were a game away from back-to-back championships doing primarily this and added one of the best players in the world through free agency.

Is this just an intentional hot take? Have I been tricked into being mad online by a worthy foe?

And blaming injuries for the Warriors winning in 2015? Can’t you blame injuries for them losing in 2016? This has to be a troll job. Or maybe Barkley misunderstood the question? Like, he thought they were talking about the Hayden Christensen movie Jumper and thought the question was about winning Oscars and he said, “I just don’t think you can win shooting Jumpers.”

(Via Howard Beck on Twitter)

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