Charles Barkley Will Never Be An ‘Idiot On Twitter’ Like Donald Trump

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If it’s not obvious by now, Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal had a blast on Monday’s edition of Inside the NBA. After they presumably enraged women everywhere by discussing the “skeezers” of New Orleans and Miami, they shared a big laugh over one of Barkley’s latest political jokes. In setting up his delightfully-jingled “E.J.’s Neat-O Stat of the Night” segment, Ernie Johnson asked the Round Mound of Avoiding Social Media what it would take for him to finally get on Twitter.

“Not enough money in the world,” he said, adding that he doesn’t want to give people access to him. The solution to that, of course, is don’t ever read your mentions. But he’s going somewhere with this, so just let him have his moment.

“With my job, having all this power … if I became a person with great power and became an idiot on Twitter – oh, bad example.”

Do you get it? Do you get his clever reference? He means Donald Trump, of course. And look how proud he is of his subtle jab at the new President:

It took a Shaq a moment to get the joke, but The Big Light Bulb finally popped on and everyone had a great laugh.

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