Charles Barkley Had Amazing Things To Say About TNT Host Ernie Johnson

No group of sports broadcasters have better chemistry than the Inside the NBA crew. Ernie Johnson, Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith, and Shaquille O’Neal have been working together for so long that everything they do just seems so authentic, making Inside a must-watch for basketball fans on a weekly basis.

Johnson, Barkley, and Smith haven’t been on Inside in a few weeks, though, as they’ve been providing analysis for the NCAA Tournament. They’re doing this while Johnson is getting ready to release his new book, Unscripted. On Saturday, he may have gotten the best endorsement that his book possibly could, as Barkley decided to pull back the sarcasm that has made him so famous and give us a wonderfully tender moment.

“People always want to know about people you work with,” Barkley said. “I always start ‘Ernie’s the best guy. I’ve never met a nicer man who’s great at his job.’ But as a human being, you’re a fantastic person. I’m blessed to work with you.”

Barkley also made a joke at his own expense, saying that he will wait for a more condensed version to come out because he’s never read a book. Then, when Johnson told him he could get an audiobook instead, Barkley decided to bust his chops.

“I work with you and listen to you all the time,” Barkley said while the rest of the panel laughed. “I’m not gonna drive around and listen to you.”