Charles Barkley Says LeBron’s Movie Is ‘Trainwreck 2. The Finals Was Trainwreck 1’

Friday, Charles Barkley took time out from the celebrity golf tournament he’s playing in in Lake Tahoe this weekend to talk to Jim Kozimer of “Sports Talk Live” about a wide range of topics, not the least of which was his ongoing bull-headed aversion to jump shooting teams and LeBron James’ big silver screen debut in the new Judd Apatow/Amy Schumer vehicle Trainwreck. Here’s more from CSNBAYAREA.com:

“I’ve been on television for 16 years, and I’ve said the exact same thing for 16 years: I’m not big on jump shooting teams. And the one year you guys have a terrific season, y’all took it personally.

They had a terrific season. Steve Kerr did a fantastic job. They have the best backcourt in the NBA. And congratulate them.

It always makes me laugh. I’ve said the same thing for 16 years, I don’t like jump-shooting teams. And y’all finally have a good team and all of a sudden everybody thinks I don’t like the Golden State Warriors.

I still think if Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving had’ve been healthy, they would have won that series.

LeBron flat out ran out of gas. But you put two more All-Stars on that team, the Warriors still might have won but I would have picked the Cavs if everyone was healthy.

LeBron should call (the blockbuster movie “Trainwreck” that features James and was released on Friday) Trainwreck 2, because the finals was Trainwreck 1.”

Despite all evidence to the contrary (such as the Warriors winning the NBA Title this year), Barkley stubbornly refuses to acknowledge that the NBA has (so obviously) evolved into a league whose primary focus is on spacing, ball movement, and three-point shooting, as opposed to the 90s era when he and other big men spent the majority of their time battling it out in the post. Of course, no amount of evidence will ever convince Barkley otherwise, being that he adamantly believes that analytics (i.e. facts, evidence, etc.) are, to use his own words, “crap.”

Not that it really matters what Barkley thinks. To quote Detective Marty Hart: “You know, throughout history, I bet every old man probably said the same thing. And old men die, and the world keeps spinnin’.”