Charles Barkley Paid A TNT Staffer $1,000 For The Right To Cut Off His Man Bun

04.11.17 2 years ago 3 Comments

Charles Barkley hates three things: jump shooting teams, the “don’t pass” line, and man buns. On Monday night in the TNT studio, he got to take out some of his frustration towards one of those three things when he paid a TNT staffer $1,000 in cash (by way of Kenny Smith making it rain) to step into Chuck’s barber shop (a chair in the studio) so Barkley could lop off his man bun.

The Chuckster isn’t the most gentle of barbers, as he cut through poor Andy’s hair while tugging on it with some less than great scissors, but eventually the man bun fell to the floor and Andy collected his money as Kenny Smith let it fall over his newly cut hair. Whatever your feelings are towards the man bun, I’m very certain that the last person I will listen to hair advice from is a bald person, because there’s some jealousy coming into play when a bald man looks at someone with luscious locks of hair flowing.

The lone exception for accepting a bald man’s hair advice is when a sage observer alerts you to the withering of your follicles and tells you it’s time to let it go. Scott Van Pelt has done this with many, including Tiger Woods, and when SVP or another member of the bald brotherhood call you to come home, then you know it’s time. That said, get your money Andy. That hair will grow back. Also, this is not anywhere close to the fastest Chuck has seen $1,000 go out of his wallet.

(h/t Bleacher Report)

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