Charles Barkley Described How Tough It Is To ‘Fake It’ Until We Get To A Warriors-Cavs Finals Again

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10.16.17 4 Comments

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Charles Barkley is never afraid to speak his mind. You can criticize him for a lot of things, but you can’t criticize him for that. Barkley’s candor is a big reason why Inside The NBA on TNT remains the single most entertaining sports studio show going. Some would suggest there isn’t even a close second, and that has little to do with Barkley’s questionable (at times) analysis. The NBA on TNT crew is just flat-out entertaining. The basketball talk is secondary.

What really sets Barkley apart from the rest of his peers is his willingness to openly and severely trash the NBA product. Barkley isn’t the only NBA analyst to criticize the NBA, of course, but nobody does it with as much conviction in front of millions of live viewers every week.

Barkley has used his platform to repeatedly slam DeMarcus Cousins. He’s got beef with LeBron James. He mercilessly roasted LaVar and Lonzo Ball. This is what he does.

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