Charles Barkley Sang ‘One Shining Moment’ Again, And It Was Terrible…Again

Cover your ears, folks, he’s at it again! Charles Barkley sang “One Shining Moment” to the rest of his broadcast partners on TNT’s NBA All-Star Saturday pre-show, and my goodness was it terrible.

The song, played every year at the end of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, is supposed to be uplifting, inspiring and dare we say it, moving. Barkley’s version — which can also be heard in a hilarious NCAA commercial — sounds more like a cat being strangled.

But he tried, you guys! Isn’t that the only real rule of karaoke? That you’ve got to give it your all, no matter what your talent level? Shouldn’t Charles be given a pleasant clap, a pat on the back, like everybody knows he meant well?

In a word, no. See, the thing is Charles, you’re really, really good at one thing in this world already. You were one of the best at that one thing, in fact! It’s okay to not be so good at other, different things. Leave those things to the people who are good at them. Otherwise, you run the risk of getting mocked on the internet for the rest of your days, or at least until the next time you play golf.