Charles Barkley Was Speechless As White Supremacist Richard Spencer Gave His Views On White Privilege

05.09.17 2 years ago 6 Comments

Charles Barkley hopes his American Race miniseries starts a conversation about race in America. The problem is he invited Richard Spencer on the program, whose views on white privilege rendered Barkley speechless.

Spencer, if you’re unaware, is a neo-nazi who’s become slightly famous for being reasonably well-dressed and getting punched in the face on camera by a protester. He’s the kind of guy who gets upset when a former KKK leader gets banned from Twitter.

In the past, he’s made outlandish, inflammatory comments, like suggesting white people should stop watching football because it makes them like people of color, which makes him the perfect guest for Barkley’s TNT miniseries, which was released online on Monday.

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