Charles Barkley Was Speechless As White Supremacist Richard Spencer Gave His Views On White Privilege

Charles Barkley hopes his American Race miniseries starts a conversation about race in America. The problem is he invited Richard Spencer on the program, whose views on white privilege rendered Barkley speechless.

Spencer, if you’re unaware, is a neo-nazi who’s become slightly famous for being reasonably well-dressed and getting punched in the face on camera by a protester. He’s the kind of guy who gets upset when a former KKK leader gets banned from Twitter.

In the past, he’s made outlandish, inflammatory comments, like suggesting white people should stop watching football because it makes them like people of color, which makes him the perfect guest for Barkley’s TNT miniseries, which was released online on Monday.

“To be sitting close to somebody who has zero respect for me — he doesn’t believe in equality,” Barkley says. “He doesn’t believe we should race mix, live in the same neighborhood — that was very disheartening to me.”

Barkley asked if Spencer believes in white privilege, which is usually a talking point conservatives roundly dismiss. Spencer, however, is a big fan of the advantages that come with being white in America.

“Yeah, white privilege is wonderful,” Spencer said. “I want to expand and deepen white privilege.”

Barkley was a bit stunned by the admission.

The clip ends with Barkley asking Spencer about racism, pointing out that Spencer wouldn’t call himself a racist.

“I would never say something like ‘I don’t like black people,'” Spencer said.

“But you don’t want me in your neighborhood,” Barkley offered.

Barkley has been outspoken about racism in the lead up to the show’s airing, and it will be interesting to see how he responds to Spencer in the show. The show’s other topics are scheduled to cover immigration, Hollywood stereotypes, the role of police in America, and Muslim culture.