Charles Barkley Lost $100,000 On The Falcons While Hanging With Roddy White

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Roddy White is one of the best players in the history of the Atlanta Falcons but he wasn’t even the most famous member of his traveling party during Super Bowl weekend. As part of a discussion on the “We Never Played The Game” podcast with Jeff Schultz and Zach Klein, White revealed that he lost $40,000 betting on the Falcons in the game and that, of course, did not sit well. However, White also shed a bit of light on Charles Barkley’s activities surrounding Super Bowl LI, including a $100,000 lost wager on Atlanta while taking in the spectacle live from Mandalay Bay.

“Charles is down there and we’re having fun,” White said. “He’s like ‘I just bet $100K on the Falcons.’ I was like, ‘Don’t worry, just get your chips ready. Everything’s gonna be great.'”

The interview goes in a number of different directions, including the fact that White lost $60,000 playing blackjack in Las Vegas before the game even kicked off. That was actually the impetus behind White not journeying to Houston for the festivities on site and, in retrospect, many Falcons fans probably wish they had not made the trek.

Still, the mere factoid that Barkley dropped six-figures on one side in the Super Bowl is both riveting and wholly unsurprising. LeBron James famously shed light on some of Barkley’s previous activities in Las Vegas and he is known for placing a wager or two of substantial amounts both on various events and at the tables.

An interview that included the nugget that Roddy White probably “would’ve fought” Falcons offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan for bad play-calling should be heard in full at the very least. In the same breath, the Falcons imploded in a way we’ve never seen before on the game’s biggest stage and neither White nor Barkley are quite as wealthy as a result. We can officially add that to the list of carnage created by what was an epic meltdown in every sense of the word.