Shaq And Charles Barkley Explain Why The Cavs And Warriors Both Lost Last Night: Because Of ‘Skeezers’

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01.24.17 2 Comments

While the Cavaliers were losing to the Anthony Davis-less Pelicans on Monday night, the Golden State Warriors were also struggling. Dion “Suddenly an Attractive Trade Piece” Waiters dropped 33 points on the best team in the NBA, helping the Heat win their 15th game of the season. Of course, that loss was only the seventh for the Warriors, so Steph Curry won’t be demanding “more bodies” like a mad tyrant, but it’s still a game that the Warriors should have won with their eyes closed. At least Kevin Durant was dialed in.

So, why did the defending champs and the team with the league’s best record have such a hard time with two seemingly easy games last night? Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal know the answer: Skeezers!

As you can see above, Shaq and Chuck think that championship teams lose to crappy teams in the regular season when those crappy teams are in awesome party cities. For the Warriors, it’s the sexy allure of South Beach. For the Cavs, they have to deal with the beads and boobies of Bourbon Street, as well as the “side street” locations that Shaq and Chuck have apparently visited.

Kenny Smith joined his colleagues from a remote location, and he offered his thoughts on Barkley’s “theory” and the existence of the so-called skeezers.

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