Charles Barkley Would Like To Shoot His Former Agent In The Head, According To Charles Barkley

08.28.15 3 years ago
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Charles Barkley has never been one to hold back, so it’s not overly surprising that his appearance on The Dan Patrick Show this morning had some interesting tidbits. What is surprising, however, is how far Barkley went with some comments when discussing his former agent, Lance Lesnick.

Barkley admitted to accepting money from agents during his time at Auburn and didn’t express any regret for doing so, saying he needed the money because he couldn’t work. He did regret ultimately signing with Lesnick, though, and claimed that the “scumbag” agent stole money from him early in his career.

The NBA Hall of Famer eventually fired Lesnick, but clearly hasn’t gotten over his anger towards the man who wronged him financially. While speaking to Patrick, Barkley made some statements that some might classify as death threats towards Lesnick.

“[Lesnick] stole all my money. He’s a scumbag. If I see him this day, I’ll blow his damn brains out. I hate that S.O.B.”

For those watching the show on NBCSN’s simulcast, they got to enjoy Patrick react to those comments with this face. One can only imagine the things he had running through his head.


Patrick, clearly realizing that Barkley’s comments could get his guest in a bit of trouble, offered up a safety line as a bit of damage control, but Barkley just kept swimming out further from shore.

DP: “You don’t mean that you would shoot him, though.”

CB: “If I had a gun, I would. I probably won’t have a gun when I see him, but I’ll probably beat his ass down like a dog.”

Well, at least you tried, Dan. Some people just don’t want to be saved. Shooting people in the head and beating up dogs are both very uncool, and someone might find himself in a bit of hot water now. But, hey, you’ll probably think twice about stealing money from Charles Barkley now.

(Via The Dan Patrick Show, via Streamable) (h/t Deadspin)

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