Charles Oakley Says When He’ll Return To Madison Square Garden Is A ‘Billion-Dollar Question’

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Charles Oakley and the New York Knicks had a bit of a run-in earlier this year. Maybe you heard about it in the papers or something. Now that the Knicks have jettisoned Phil Jackson, is Oakley’s relationship with the franchise any better?

Well, Oakley’s not saying just yet. He gave an interview to The Undefeated that was published on Wednesday where he talked at length about his charity work and his involvement with the BIG3, but Oakley balked when asked if he will ever come back to Madison Square Garden and see the Knicks play.

So, when will Oakley return to a Knicks home game?

“I just left New York; they weren’t playing,” he said, adding a chuckle to punctuate the response.

“I don’t know … That’s a billion-dollar question …

“Would you go back in the Garden?” he turned the question back to the reporter.

I think it’s a fair reaction given that the Knicks aren’t exactly out of the woods just yet. The same owner, James Dolan, is there and he was reportedly the cause of the ruckus in the first place. That ruckus, mediated by Michael Jordan himself, is still pretty fresh. And it’s not like the Knicks don’t have other things to worry about, either. They still need to find a trading partner to get rid of Carmelo Anthony.

Like most other humans on this planet, Oakley seems perfectly happy doing other things like helping charities instead of watching the Knicks. It sounds like that will remain the case for a while.