The Hornets Will Bring Back Their Retro White Uniforms For 2018-19

Charlotte Hornets

The Charlotte Hornets have had an interesting offseason, dealing Dwight Howard to the Nets to simply get him out of town and then signing Tony Parker to create a bit of a French Connection with Nicolas Batum.

There’s one major move most expect the Hornets to still make at some point before the trade deadline in moving star point guard Kemba Walker, but for now there hasn’t been any real chatter involving Walker this offseason. Until Walker gets moved, Charlotte will likely remain out of the spotlight as they are, at best, going to be fighting for one of the last playoff spots in the East.

That’s a bit unfortunate, because Charlotte is set to bring back one of the all-time great uniforms of the 90s this season with the white striped unis, a year after their teal uniforms were a huge success. The team announced the return of the white retro look on Wednesday with a video and a release, explaining their excitement to turn back the clock once again with their uniforms.

“With the success of our teal Classic Edition uniforms last season, we felt it was only right to bring the white version back this year as part of our 30th Anniversary celebration,” said Hornets President & Vice Chairman Fred Whitfield. “As we look to replicate the experience and excitement of the early days of the Hornets, wearing the white uniform that the original team wore every night at the Charlotte Coliseum brings another layer of authenticity for our fans.”

The retro unis will be worn at least six times over the course of the season at “Classic Night” games in Charlotte (which will feature a “Classic Court” that’s yet to be revealed), but we’re hoping they don these threads a few more times because they’re great. For those hoping to purchase one of these fine retro jerseys, the team says they’re expected to be available at the team store in November.

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