Chauncey Billups Didn’t Believe In Mediocrity As A Player, And Won’t As An ESPN Analyst Either

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TORONTO – Chauncey Billups is used to being a presence at All-Star Weekend, but this one is different. The five-time representative won’t be playing in the Sunday showcase, but he will suit up for Friday’s Celebrity Game. And he’s still a focal point at media availability, although he’s now the one asking the questions instead of answering them.

Dressed in an understated suit and carrying a microphone followed by a camera crew, Billups bounces from table to table, tossing queries exchanging banter. A small group is gathered around Tyronn Lue, and Billups goes over to the side to get a good angle.

“Hey coach,” Billups says, and Lue chuckles.

“Why do you look so serious man?” Lue asks.

The former Finals MVP throws out a few questions to the new Cleveland Cavaliers head coach, including one about LeBron James before making his way across the Sheraton Centre ballroom. He daps up players and even other media members, and can’t seem to decide whether to wear a stoic look or a smile.

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