Can The Bulls Win Games Without Defense?

10.11.18 10 months ago

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There’s being bad on defense and there’s whatever the hell the Bulls have been so far in preseason. Typically this wouldn’t mean anything. Of all the preseasons, the NBA might have the least important. It’s not uncommon for teams to sit entire starting lineups of players. Last season, the Mavericks traveled to Orlando for a preseason game against the Magic and Rick Carlisle didn’t even bother coming with them. Preseason really doesn’t matter beyond adding some new sets, filling out the roster, and getting some actual game action in.

Yet, the Bulls have managed to take what should be a simple time of basketball and leave the worst possible impressions. Nobody expects their defense to be good this season. They gave up 109.1 points per 100 possessions last season, the 28th most in the league, and expecting a massive improvement from that would be ridiculous. However, it wasn’t insane to think that they would be better than this.

Or this.

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