The Bulls Will Wear Throwback Black Pinstripe Jerseys During The 2019-20 Season

The Chicago Bulls proudly boast some of the best uniforms in all of basketball. The team’s iconic red threads are clean, simple, and timeless, and it’s usually a good thing when the team wears them as frequently as possible. However, the team will play a handful of games during the 2019-20 season in a different uniform that holds a special place in franchise lore.

Chicago revealed its Statement Edition uniform from Nike for the upcoming campaign on Saturday. They’re throwbacks to the classic black uniforms that were made famous during the Michael Jordan era in the Windy City, although there are some slight changes, like white pinstripes instead of red ones and four stars on the waist to represent the excellent Chicago flag.

These are some of the best throwback unis in all of basketball, and it’s wonderful that the Bulls are going to bring them back this year, even if it’s only for six games. Chicago will wear them one time a month, with every game occurring at the United Center: Nov. 22 against Miami, Dec. 6 against Golden State, Jan. 10 against Indiana, Feb. 22 against Phoenix, March 6 against Indiana, and April 11 against Brooklyn. I do not believe it would be a controversial take to say that if the Bulls wanted to wear them a few more times during the regular season, no one would complain.