A Child At The Cleveland Clinic Asked LeBron James To Dunk On Lonzo Ball For Him

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LeBron James had high praise for the way that Lonzo Ball has handled his rookie season with the Los Angeles Lakers. He’s remained quiet and deferred to his teammates throughout an up-and-down year with good and bad games. While his coach and father might be at odds, Lonzo is just Lonzo.

But just because James recognizes the difficulties that come with being anointed a franchise’s savior doesn’t mean he won’t dunk through the point guard when asked politely.

James was visiting children at the Cleveland Clinic when one child had a very poignant request for the Cavaliers superstar: Dunk on Lonzo Ball.


“Can you dunk on Lonzo for me?” asks the child in a video that came out on Thursday.

James, ever the professional, knows to give the kids what they want.

“I got you, I got you,” James said, laughing. Though he did give him fair warning: People often clear out when LeBron takes flight.

“He might not be in the way,” James said. “Once he sees me about to take off he might move out of the way.”

James will certainly get a few chances to dunk on the eldest Ball brother on Thursday night. Cleveland hosts the Lakers, and the Cavs have been on a bit of a roll lately. We’ll see if Lonzo gets caught near the basket or not, but we know at least one person in Cleveland is hoping for a poster.