You Might Be Scared Of Chipotle, But These NBA Players Still Love It

Chipotle is desperate for any show of good publicity these days, what with their disturbing incidents of foodborne illness. People all over the country may be terrified of eating at Chipotle, but some believe they are either made of sterner stuff or simply statistically unlikely to catch something. And of course, there are some NBA athletes who fall into that former category.

Adi Joseph over at Sporting News, inspired by a Chipotle burrito he was eating, decided to ask those players about it. It’s a fun piece, highlighting some of the more optimistic (and hungry) guys in the NBA.

Joseph focused on Bucks center John Henson, who said he befriended college teammates Harrison Barnes and Kendall Marshall over a love for Chipotle.

Barnes told Joseph, “I’m right there with John. Hashtag stay strong, know what I’m saying — for Chipotle!” But those three — plus Kaminsky, who (in part) credits sticking with Chipotle and cutting out pizza for slimming down this season — aren’t the only ones who’ve expressed faith in the burrito chain. Celtics GM Danny Ainge referred to himself as the “Jared of Chipotle” on Boston sports radio back in December, which, uh, he may want to pick a different mascot. How about that nice modern Wendy from the commercials?

There are also a few players who publicly expressed their love of Chipotle before it became a national cancer, and from whom we’d love to hear back on if their stance has changed, like Matthew Dellavedova or these two:

So, Chipotle PR guys, if you’re looking for new spokesmen, you may want to start making some calls to these guys (except James Harden, he’s already a Breakfast Defector for Taco Bell).

(Via Sporting News)