Chol Marial Is A Terrifying 7’3 Middle Schooler Who Dominates His Opponents

06.07.15 4 years ago

Here are three simple facts about the Sudanese-born Chol Marial: he’s 7’3, he plays basketball, and he’s only in eighth grade. It goes without saying that the West Oaks, Florida middle-schooler dominates his opponents at this level, but you can see for yourself in the video above.

What you’ll also notice is that he’s not just hobbling around out there as if he were on stilts. He’s surprisingly agile for his height, has a relatively smooth jumper, and demonstrates respectable footwork in his post game. It would be easy to dub him the second-coming of Manute Bol, but that distinction already belongs to actual second-coming of Manute Bol, i.e. his 6’10 son Bol Bol, who is also only 15 years old.

Along with 7-foot, 5-star recruit Thon Maker, they join the – ahem – long legacy of Sudanese basketball players dreaming of NBA stardom.

(; h/t B/R)

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