Check Out Chris ‘Birdman’ Andersen’s Terrifying New ‘Give Me War’ Head Tattoo


The Miami Heat missed the playoffs. It’s sad, but true — sad mostly because the Nets made it over them and the Pacers (I love you Brooklyn, but your team is the closest basketball ever comes to bass fishing in terms of entertainment value). But the Heat can take heart, because while Brooklyn has managed to embarrass themselves even in close games in their first-round series, they get to relax and get a little “me” time.

Of all the Heat players, Chris “Birdman” Andersen probably used his time off in the most predictable fashion: he got another tattoo! He loves tattoos, and we love that he loves tattoos, but this new one is a little — how should I put this — intimidating?

Andersen got his love of tattoos from his mother, who spent some time in biker gangs and got Birdman his first tattoo when he was 18. I have to think that the line “Give Me War” adorned with skulls has something to do with biker iconography, unless he’s really into obscure Boston hardcore bands.

(Via Instagram)