UPDATE: Chris Bosh Has Blood Clot In One Lung And Will Likely Miss The Rest Of The Season

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Jared Zwerling of Bleacher  Report confirmed Bosh has a blood clot on one lung.

We’re hearing he’s done for the season, but is OK.  Even his friend LeBron James hasn’t spoken with him yet.

On the basketball front, the Heat don’t have much depth at the four spot, which might mean the return of Michael Beasley.


After word broke Chris Bosh was hopsitalized last night, we updated to say initial tests were on his lungs, but were so far inconclusive. However, the fear is blood clots could have developed on his lungs, which might mean he’s done for this season, and could be off the court even beyond that.

Joseph Goodman of the Miami Herald mentioned the fear of the blood clots:

The Heat could announce Friday whether Chris Bosh will be forced to miss the remainder of the season following tests on his lungs.

Bosh was admitted to a Miami-area hospital Thursday after meeting with a doctor. The Heat’s power forward underwent initial tests that proved inconclusive, according to the Heat. The fear is that Bosh could have blood clots on his lungs. If there is a pulmonary embolus, or multiple clots, then Bosh would be out for the remainder of the season, and possibly longer, while being treated with blood thinners for pulmonary embolism.

As Goodman’s Herald collegue, Barry Jackson, notes, Brooklyn’s Mirza Teletovic was shut down for the season last month when a blood clot was found on his lungs.

Jackson’s update from this morning looks good for Bosh’s long-term health, but not for the Heat’s season. Bosh is purportedly weak and tired and is on blood thinners while continuing to receive treatment in the hospital:

Doctors believe Chris Bosh has a blood clot on his lung, a condition that typically would sideline players for the duration of the season, according to a league source with knowledge of the situation.

Bosh remains at a local hospital and is believed to be on blood-thinner medication. He is weak and fatigued, but the longterm outlook is good.

Though nobody has definitively ruled Bosh out for the season, it’s difficult to envision him returning because of the nature of the blood-thinner medication and the toll such a condition takes on the body.

It is unclear if Bosh will require any surgical procedure.

Bosh had been feeling tired and fatigued, with some shortness of breath and pain in the rib area, over the past few weeks, but nobody suspected anything serious until Thursday, when he was sent home from practice and checked into the hospital.

The Palm Beach Post‘s Jason Liesner writes that there’s nothing definitive and team officials and Bosh’s agent aren’t commenting.

Goodman updated his piece to include this snippet from Dwyane Wade, who spent last week at Carnival in Haiti where he and his wife, Gabrielle Union, were joined by Bosh and his wife.  Here’s Wade to Goodman:

“I don’t know if he was sick. I’m not a doctor. I just know he wasn’t feeling good. He wasn’t coughing or throwing up, but he just wasn’t feeling good. So I don’t know when it happened. It could have happened in New York.”

Bosh won the shooting stars contest and played 11 minutes on Sunday in the All-Star game.

It’s hard to surmise what this means for the Heat when we’re still unsure of Bosh’s health moving forward. They just swung a big trade in acquiring Goran Dragic at the deadline yesterday, and had positioned themselves for a big stretch run hopefully ending in a deep playoff berth.

But Bosh’s injury is a huge roadblock. Right now, we’re just hoping he’s going to be OK, then we can focus on whether he’ll return to the court this year.