Chris Bosh’s Blood Clots Have Reportedly Returned, And His Season Is In Jeopardy

02.16.16 3 years ago
chris bosh

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When Chris Bosh sat out the Three-Point Shootout and the NBA All-Star Game, most thought his sudden absence was due to a routine calf injury and nothing to worry about. However, right around this time last year, a calf strain released blood clots into Bosh’s system that found their way into his lungs, putting his life in jeopardy and ultimately ending his 2014-15 season. Now, it seems that similar concerns have arisen, as Bosh is suspected to have more blood clots in his calf and is meeting with doctors in Miami to determine their severity.

According to Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski, there is more optimism this time around that the clots can be managed with blood thinners, potentially allowing Bosh to return to the court this season. It’s certainly encouraging that people are already talking about his return to basketball rather than wonder if his life is in jeopardy. Still, blood clots are gravely serious, and the Heat will be extra cautious in projecting Bosh’s return to the court.

If Bosh is once again sidelined for an extended period, it would be another cruel turn for one of the most under-appreciated players in the NBA. Dwayne Wade may still be the face of the Heat, but since LeBron James left, Bosh has been their best player, handling both power forward and center duties with elite defense and all-around offensive prowess that makes him arguably the most versatile big man in basketball.

With Bosh, Miami is a stout defensive unit and dynamic offensive team that could be dangerous in the playoffs. Without him, they were in the lottery last season. For as long as he’s out, CB will be sorely missed.

(Via Yahoo)

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