Chris Bosh’s Playing Future Reportedly May Depend On Whether He Continues Taking Blood Thinners

No one in the NBA is going through quite what Chris Bosh is. After two straight seasons cut short by sudden rare medical issues, Bosh is at a crossroads with his body, his team, and blood-thinning medications.

A new report from the Miami Herald makes clear that Bosh is eager to return to the court, as he has been during this whole process. The Heat remain cautious and reluctant to clear Bosh for action, though, especially if he stays on the medication. Bosh has reportedly begun taking new blood-thinners that supposedly leave the system quickly enough to have him cleared out for game time, but Miami’s front office is still understandably nervous taking such a bold approach to a condition that’s potentially fatal.

Controversy could be looming, too.

Bosh’s desire to play is so strong that if a resolution to get him back on the floor this October isn’t worked out, it’s totally possible that he could take a grievance to the NBPA about it. The issue only gets more touchy when you realize that Miami stands to clear up a lot of cap space if they keep Bosh off the floor. While his current contract is guaranteed, the Heat may not have to count it against their limited salary space if he doesn’t actually play.

(via Miami Herald)