How Chris Bosh’s Disagreement With The Heat Is Turning Into A Very Dangerous Situation

05.03.16 2 years ago 23 Comments

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There’s trouble brewing in Miami, and it’s got nothing do with what’s happening on the court. Chris Bosh hasn’t appeared in the NBA Playoffs so far this season, despite how eager he is to do so. It’s been a point of contention for him ever since his blood clots returned in February this season before disappearing the next month. According to Dan Le Batard of ESPN radio, the pressure Bosh is putting on the Heat to return to the court just intensified and it could end up in tragedy.

The Palm Beach Post transcribed some of the most important nuggets of information Le Batard shared about this serious wedge between player and team at the most tense time of the season:

“This is complicated and it’s not great,” Le Batard said. “They are not in agreement here. The two sides—This runs the risk of getting problematic here at a bad time, because Chris Bosh wants on the court…It’s obvious that Chris Bosh wants on the court and that he’s pressuring the organization…and that his wife is pressuring the organization. They were wearing the #BringBoshBack shirts (Sunday). There is a tension happening.

“I don’t know exactly what to believe here, OK, but I do trust the organization and I trust the people in the organization who tell me things because I’ve never been lied to by them about much of anything. They’re telling me that they’re protecting him from him, but he doesn’t feel any symptoms. This doesn’t feel like the last time. All the doctors the Heat are talking to are saying, and they’re the foremost authorities on this stuff, ‘Hey, a second recurrence of a blood clot situation could be catastrophic, where you’ve got a death on the court.’ ”

Here is some background on Bosh’s condition and why this is such a dangerous game he’s playing by trying to return to the court before the Heat’s doctor’s give him clearance.

Blood clots are not a joke at all. Bosh almost died when two were discovered on his lungs last year, forcing him out for the remainder of the season. The reoccurrence of them in February of this year is a very bad omen for his playing future, too.

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