Chris Bosh Wrote A Touching And Heartfelt Farewell To Miami

Chris Bosh has officially said goodbye to the Miami Heat. Bosh penned a touching farewell to the city and team that embraced him for six seasons.

Bosh posted “A Letter To Miami” on his website on Sunday that covered his arrival to Miami and how he grew as a player and person in Miami.

“It was scary leaving Toronto, a place where people really loved and supported me, and I wasn’t sure if that great feeling would follow me. When I arrived in Miami, I was just hoping for glory and mention amongst the immortals of basketball. What I got was so much more.”

Bosh said the community also helped him get through the medical scares and ups and downs that he’s dealt with over the last few seasons.

“I’ve learned how to dream again. I’ve learned how to appreciate the game of basketball and all the things I’ve experienced even more now. People will always see the trophies and banners and think that’s the whole story. But it’s only a piece, only a moment in time. I’ve learned that no matter what happens on the court, the game continues. Even when things changed for me and I couldn’t play, people still supported me and let me know what basketball in Miami meant for them. I truly cherish those encounters. Those good-luck chants or someone simply caring enough to ask about my health—they might seem like small gestures but they are some of my fondest memories.

We went through life together, Miami. You showed me how to stay strong and push through in the toughest moments. And although I didn’t like it at the time, it made all the difference in the long run. It made me a better man, the person I am today. Thank you.”

For Bosh and the Heat, the feeling is mutual. His release from the team last week was emotional, but the Heat will retire his jersey at some point in the future. It’s clear that—while Bosh was respectful and thought fondly about the early stages of his career in Toronto—he truly loved Miami. And his teammates and the city loved him back.

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