Chris Cuomo Relives His Absurd Interview With LaVar Ball: ‘I Didn’t Think The President Would Take The Bait’

If you tuned in to watch LaVar Ball’s CNN interview with Chris Cuomo earlier in the week, you were treated to a piece of television gold. Cuomo was expecting to get into the details of what happened in China, the outspoken father’s feelings toward President Trump, and the apparent war of words that was brewing on Twitter. What Cuomo got was a sea of absurdity with Captain Ball steering the ship directly into Big Baller harbor with a big smile on his face. If that sounds like a ridiculous description, it fits the interview.

As Seth Meyers points out, it is difficult to cut the interview down to just one or two key moments. The entire thing is a frenzy from start to finish, with Ball making the most of his national platform for his own gain without actually addressing any of his comments about President Trump. That didn’t stop the president from responding to it on Twitter because at the end of the day, they are both really just the same person — at least that’s what Seth Meyers thinks.

For Cuomo, he admits that he is wound very tight and was caught off guard by Ball’s tone throughout the chat. But he quickly realized things were not typical of a CNN interview once Ball responded to him with nonsense while keeping a straight face.

The CNN host does want to have LaVar Ball back on CNN for another interview, saying he felt he had a nice bond with the boastful father figure.

(Via Late Night)