Chris Paul Was Angry His Brother Couldn’t Buy A Court-Side Seat In OKC

05.06.14 4 years ago 2 Comments
Chris Paul

Chris Paul (Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports)

Chris Paul came out blazing last night in Oklahoma City. If the Clippers hadn’t so thoroughly dusted the Thunder, we’re pretty sure CP3 would have gone for the NBA Playoff record for 3-pointers in a game (nobody has more than nine, and Paul had eight in three quarters). Perhaps Paul was just pissed his actual brother didn’t get court-side seats?

Via the Los Angeles Times, comes word Paul had some angry words for a Clippers official following Game 1:

Paul left the game for good after three quarters, but he was still fighting at the end. He scowled during postgame television interviews on the court and then, while walking off the court, he shouted to a Clippers official after he learned his brother C.J. was unable to buy a courtside seat for the game.

“You better not give their people courtside seats back in Los Angeles!” he barked.

Cliff Paul he isn’t, and thank goodness for that.

We’re not sure what the etiquette is for siblings when a team is on the road, but we doubt it’s the norm for family members to get court-side seats when their sibling is playing in another arena — and that would go double for playoff games. We tried to ask about this on Twitter and didn’t get an answer, so maybe one of our readers can let us know in the comments.

Regardless, if you’re related to a Thunder player, and you’re expecting great seats to Game 3 at Staples Center, we’d temper those expectations.

(Los Angeles Times)

Are court-side seats the norm for a player’s family on the road?

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