Chris Paul Wanted The Clippers, Not The Lakers; Steve Nash Gets Thrown Into Duke/UNC Beef

09.19.12 7 years ago
Chris Paul might not be Dwyane Wade, who seems intent on turning himself into some sort of fashion icon. But he’s stylish enough to make the cover of GQ (along with actors Denzel Washington and Javier Bardem), and in the subsequent interview, he admitted he was happy to end up with the Clippers instead of the Lakers. The former JV team had better pieces, and as Paul said, “winning with the Clippers would be legendary.” Taking away the fact that he almost has to say this, CP3 is right. At the time, the lil’ bros did have better pieces – Blake Griffin, DeAndre Jordan, Clipper Darrell, anyone not named Donald Sterling – and winning a title with a cursed franchise does probably mean more than winning one with a organization that wipes their ass with them … We’re guessing you had a chance to check out the brand spanking new Spurs alternate jerseys that were revealed yesterday afternoon. San Antonio gets extra brownie points for trying something that’s never been done before – they had to argue with the NBA to get them to allow a uniform without the name of the team or city on it, according to Jeff McDonald of the San Antonio Express-News – and in the end, they might have the last laugh since it’s sounding more and more like ads will pop up on jerseys soon (what’s better for this than a jersey that’s almost completely blank?). But still, these look like something Gregg Popovich would design. On Twitter, we also heard a few people refer to them as NBA 2K practice jerseys (SO accurate), and Russ Bengtson tweeted this: “The Spurs would have asked Timmy what he thought about the alternate jerseys, but he’s in his 587th consecutive hour of Worlds of Warcraft.” Basically, one of the NBA’s most boring teams (sorry, Spurs fans) just came out with one of the NBA’s most boring uniforms. Nothing could be more apt. The worst part about it is that they actually fought for these … Kix And The City hit the Internet with more apparel news yesterday regarding Russell Westbrook. He’s one of the best sneaker “free agents” available – Westbrook is technically a Nike guy, but it’s been known for a while that he’s looking at other options – and there’s a rumor floating around that he’s signed on with adidas to join people like Derrick Rose, Dwight Howard and Ricky Rubio. The guys at adidas Philippines put up a photo on Instagram with a picture of Russ West and the caption BOOM! #russellwestbrook. We’ll find out soon enough how legit it is … And oh yeah, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist has signed on with Jordan. That makes sense … Brooklyn’s new away jersey could’ve been leaked yesterday as well. This photo was flying all over the Internet during the a.m. but we still haven’t heard anything official on it. Jay-Z is expected to officially unveil their uniform at an upcoming Barclays Center concert. Even though these potential Brooklyn joints might be even more simple than San Antonio’s jerseys, we actually like them. We’ve been waiting for an all-black and white outfit, and this definitely fits. Do some more work on the “Brooklyn” across the center and you have yourself something that’ll fly off the shelves … But no matter what happens with their jerseys, the Nets can expect to be in the spotlight all year. Being the fourth season subject of “The Association” is only going to help. NBA TV made the announcement yesterday, and we can’t wait for the storylines. We’re going to get a front row seat to see Deron Williams and Joe Johnson deal with the ridiculous hype of New York City, Brook Lopez doing super nerdy things, and lots of Mikhail Prokhorov (they should just give that dude his own show). It really sucks that Kris Humphries isn’t still with Kim K. The cat fights between Beyonce and Kim – they hate each other – could be epic … Keep reading to see why Grant Hill is throwing Steve Nash in with UNC and Duke …

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