Chris Paul’s Amazing Sneaker Room and the Best of NBA Twitter and Instagram

Twitter and Instagram have added yet another avenue for basketball fans to connect with the personalities of their favorite NBA, college and high school players. It’s damn near impossible though for most normal people to stay up with everything that gets posted to Instagram on a daily basis, so we’re gonna help out the best way we know how: by collecting the best pics each week for our readers to cruise through at their leisure.

Here’s the best of this past week. Let us know what we missed in the comments section below.

This is amazing. Check out this pic that was originally taken and posted by Chris Paul‘s wife. They apparently turned a bedroom in the house into a sneaker “museum.” We have to get in there:

No Ricky Rubio, you should not.

Documenting one of the best moments of the NBA season, this is from Kevin Durant‘s Instgram. It’s him tackling a contest winner:

Sometimes it seems like Kobe Bryant posts things on Twitter just to see what kind of reaction he gets (answer: lots).

Kentucky fans were posting this everywhere after their loss to Robert Morris in the first round of the NIT. Yes, Aaron and Andrew Harrison are coming to Lexington, as is everyone else apparently.

Deron Williams was clearly not happy with the speed of his room service delivery:

This is what Harrison Barnes posted after his team got blown out by the Bulls earlier in the week:

This had us cracking up the other day. Posted by J.R. Smith on his Instagram feed from the Knicks team plane. Check out his hashtag:

And this may be from more than a week ago, but it needs to be seen. After the Celtics pummeled the Sixers two weeks ago, Courtney Lee tweeted this. Jrue Holiday asking for Lee and Avery Bradley to cool it with the tough defense? Tells you what you need to know about this year’s Sixers team:

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