C.J. McCollum Had Lots Of Thoughts After The Battle Of Winterfell On ‘Game Of Thrones’

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The Portland Trail Blazers opened their second round series with the Nuggets on Monday night in Denver, and while focus was shifting towards their opponents at shootaround, star guard C.J. McCollum was still trying to collect himself from Sunday night’s Game of Thrones episode.

The Battle of Winterfell was equal parts emotionally exhausting and exhilarating for fans of the show, as it was the culmination of so many storylines and character arcs. If you haven’t seen the episode and somehow stumbled across this post anyways, now would be the time to exit out before you reach the spoilers.

McCollum sent some tweets on Sunday ahead of and after the episode, but when asked about it on Monday really expanded his thoughts on the episode. The prolific guard loved the episode, but also had plenty of questions and the same complaint as everyone else about it being too dark and blurry.

“It was amazing,” McCollum said. “The way they switched it up at the end. I thought it was over. I thought the Night King was going to take over and take his talents to King’s Landing. Then they just switched it up on us. I think there’s a real dilemma here now because, at the end of the day, Dany is not trying to give up the throne, but Jon is the rightful heir. After they go take care of business in King’s Landing, after Arya kills Cersei, there’s going to be some big issues. Because the people in the North are not about to bow down to Dany Targaryen because she’s not the rightful heir to the throne, and she’s not a good leader. I really look forward to seeing what happens next.

“I think they could’ve did a little bit more. I’m confused about Bran. Like, what’s going on, Bran? They are out here risking their lives and he’s flying around the whole episode.”

Reporter: “Scouting?”

“I get it. I get it. But, everybody’s putting their life on the line, he’s out here chillin’. And then, the graphics. Man, y’all spent 55 days recording this and it was blurry. It was hard to see. I’m confused. I don’t know, is the dragon alive? Is the dragon dead? What’s up with Jamie? Jamie’s alive, right? Where’s the dog? There are so many things that we’re not going to know about for another week and it hurts. Is it one dragon left or two?”

McCollum’s thoughts are similar to many fans, namely in appreciating the swerve of Arya killing the Night King, which sparked a million memes on Twitter, many of which were sports related. He also isn’t the only NBA player to have thoughts on the episode, but his are by far the most thorough and thought out that we’ve seen.