C.J. McCollum Actually Asked About Kyrie Irving’s Modeling Agent In An Instagram Comment

C.J. McCollum is a man with many interests outside of basketball, including journalism and radio. And, apparently, modeling, according to a recent interaction with Kyrie Irving. Irving posted a picture of himself in a blue jacket on Instagram and, as one intrepid Reddit user pointed out, McCollum hit up the comment section to ask Irving for the name of his talent agent.

Lots of things about this are funny. Irving actually looks pretty good in the picture he posted, but McCollum uses the comments of an Instagram post to try to get someone more famous than him to put him on, as though he isn’t an NBA player with his own agent who probably has the means of contacting Irving privately to exchange info.

It’s all probably a joke on McCollum’s part — who knows if he’s even really interested in modeling — but it’s pretty funny to imagine another NBA player doing the equivalent of commenting on French Montana’s Instagram asking to send him beats. That’s never going to be how you make it.

But maybe it will lead to a collaborative photoshoot between them, which will provide inspiration to struggling Instagram models everywhere just trying to make it by hitting up famous people in the comments.