C.J. McCollum Offered Up The Perfect Comeback To A Troll On Twitter

Following a breakout season that saw him win Most Improved Player and help lead the Portland Trail Blazers to a surprise playoff run, C.J. McCollum inked a four-year extension worth $106 million. Needless to say, he doesn’t really have time anymore for people who say dumb things to him on Twitter, as one unlucky person found out.

On Sunday night, a user named Richie made a dumb insinuation about McCollum’s fondness for manicures:

McCollum wasn’t having it, obviously, and felt compelled to remind Richie exactly how much his new contract is worth and why the criticism is irrelevant:

And, of course, once you get a retweet from a professional athlete, your mentions get filled up with people calling you out for attacking him. Richie found that out and tried to play it off as a joke.

That’s the best way to play it after you get owned on the internet by someone much richer and more famous than you for a dumb comment. But that’s exactly what it was: a dumb comment. If McCollum wants to treat himself to a mani-pedi, he shouldn’t have to apologize or explain himself to a random Twitter user who subscribes to outdated notions of masculinity.