The Cavs Don’t Think It’s Worth Trading The Brooklyn Pick In A DeAndre Jordan Deal

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DeAndre Jordan has been on the trade block for some time, and the Cleveland Cavaliers have been one of the teams doing their due diligence to figure out if it’s worth making some kind of move to acquire the veteran big man. The team is very much in “win now” mode, and some would make the case that Jordan helps them win now.

There’s just one problem: Cleveland doesn’t seem like it’s all in on doing whatever it takes to bring Jordan to town. A past report indicated the team was “sniffing around” on a trade and that nothing was close, and on Wednesday, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski mentioned that the Cavs do not want to part with their most valuable asset to bring Jordan to Cleveland.

Wojnarowski appeared on Outside the Lines to discuss the role of Brooklyn’s 2018 first round draft pick in any move the Cavaliers would make, and mentioned that Cleveland doesn’t view Jordan as the kind of player who’d be worth giving up the pick.

“They will only use that in Cleveland, I’m told, is if it’s a player they think can put them over the top,” Wojnarowski said. “One player they’ve discussed, DeAndre Jordan, the Clippers’ center, he does not rise to the level in Cleveland, I’m told, of putting that Brooklyn pick in.”

Wojnarowski also specified that Cleveland’s own first round pick is available for any deal, and also mentioned that it’s possible the caliber of player for whom they’d part with Brooklyn’s pick may not even hit the trade block this winter. Everything the Cavaliers do is through the lens of whether LeBron James will re-sign with the team next offseason, and it appears Cleveland would prefer to build around a young player rather than Jordan in the event James leaves the team.