The Cavaliers Are Reportedly ‘Sniffing Around’ To See If They Can Acquire DeAndre Jordan

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The DeAndre Jordan Trade Rumor Mill™ has has slowed down a bit. The Los Angeles Clippers seem like they’re going to take their time and wait until the best possible move is on the table in the event they decide that it’s worth getting rid of their starting center.

One team that has popped up as a potential destination for Jordan is the Cleveland Cavaliers, because the Cavs pop up as a possible location whenever a good basketball player’s name hits the trading block. As it turns out, Cleveland has some level of interest in bringing him on board.

While they’re not kicking down doors to get to Jordan, but Cleveland is doing its due diligence, according to Sam Amico.

Nothing is imminent and the Cavs have not yet been aggressive in a pursuit of Jordan, sources said, with one saying they are simply “sniffing around” the idea of a Jordan trade.

Amico appeared on the Cleveland sports radio show Baskin and Phelps to discuss the trade talks further, and stressed that the team isn’t really pressing on a move.

“So from everything, what I just reported was that they’re ‘sniffing around’ knowing that DeAndre Jordan is available,” Amico said. “I don’t think that they’re being real aggressive about it, at least that’s what I’ve been led to believe, that they’re not they’re real aggressive about it. But they are aware that he’s available and maybe talking to the Clippers a little bit about it and seeing ‘Hey, what would you want for this All-Star type center?'”

He also said that the asking price on a deal to get Jordan wouldn’t be especially high, because he believes Los Angeles may be on the verge of blowing it all up at the end of the season. While the asking price might not be exorbitant, with Jordan’s salary and the Cavs’ cap situation, a pretty solid player would have to be part of a deal — the best we could do earlier this season with Cleveland was Tristan Thompson, Iman Shumpert, and a pick going to L.A. for Jordan.